Roberto Santiago: The Entrepreneur of the Mall

Owning a mall is one of the best ways to make money as an entrepreneur. After all, the different facilities are paying the entrepreneur as opposed to the entrepreneur paying the facilities. This is one of the best aspects of being an entrepreneur. However, one of the best mall owning entrepreneurs are those who think about what they can do to enhance and expand the property. Roberto Santiago is one of the entrepreneurs that look for ways to maximize the value of the property that he buys. For one thing, he thinks about the mall in ways of what the customer wants.


One thing that is certain is that the larger malls are going to be the more popular malls. One of the reasons is that there can only be one of each store. There are also limits on certain categories of stores. The larger malls would have no choice but to bring forth something that is very unique to the people. Therefore, the larger malls are always going to have novelties and unique items. Among the forms of uniqueness that is going to come forth from the mall are rare types of clothes that people who are feeling adventurous can explore.


Roberto Santiago has done so much to expand his mall so that it can provide different types of experience for different types of visitors. For instance, the mall has plenty of entertainment venues such as movie theaters, concert halls and arcades as well as lounges. For food, Roberto Santiago’s mall goes far beyond fast food and cheap offerings. There are also some of the higher quality food offerings from some of the larger and higher end restaurants where people can sit and enjoy a meal.


One of the things that Roberto Santiago has brought to people is variety. This is what is needed in order for a facility to thrive and survive. When there is a lot of variety, then a wide audience is going to find a reason to shop at the company. This brings forth more people to spend money on the mall and walk out with products they like.


Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Cash in Big after Joe’s Arrest

Sherriff Joe Arpaio arrested Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin on the night of October 2007. Under the guidance of armed deputies whose jurisdiction is Maricopa County, the Selective Enforcement Unit put the two in custody. As the leaders of the Village Voice Media, Lacey and Larkin were charged with disseminating sensitive information concerning a filed case. Forcibly evacuated from their homes in Phoenix, the duo was shoved into a black yet unmarked SUV dominated by tinted windows. Arpaio booked the duo into isolated cells where he served as the manager.




A quick look into the case suggested that Arpaio was the investigator. Also known as the toughest and most reliable sheriff in the United States of America, Joe Arpaio was furious about Lacey and Larkin’s determination to pull his name into the books of corruption. The duo has published an article concerning Joe’s gross misconduct in office. His misdeeds were now out of the dirty docket. According to the article published by Phoenix New Times, Joe was just an extra trouble maker in the department. Mainstream newspapers indicated that Joe was a lead sheriff in fostering incompetence.




One of the articles indicated that he abused power by instigating illegal demands on the people of Arizona. His constant retaliatory abuse of institution contributed to the writing of the said articles. An additional charge on his side indicated that he practiced substandard health provision in the office. On mistreatment and preventable deaths, Joe Arpaio was the lead character. That is why Lacey and Larkin took to the stage to write articles about his malpractices. His systematic persecution as well as racial profiling contributed to the whistle blowing.




During Lacey and Larkin’s arrest, the reasons behind it seemed unclear. However, several pointers indicated that the duo played a pivotal role in highlighting Joe’s character in office. As a result, New Times revealed the grievous assault by giving their story a chance to be read by the people. Arpaio is said to have received concrete help from the attorney’s office. Lacey and Larkin were commanded to surrender their browsing details to the court in order for their IP addresses to be investigated. Being brave, they produced the requirements. In writing, there was a clear indication that the two media personalities were innocent. There only mistake, which can be termed as a constructive mistake or misdoing was helpful in saving many lives in prison. This is because Arpaio’s misconduct extended to the cells. Following a loud outcry by the people, Lacey and Larkin were released and settled at an invaluable cost of approximately $ 3.7 million.


Victims of Arpaio, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, Fight Against Oppression

Residents all across the country applauded the actions of Maricopa County when they refused to re-elect former sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio, who has been accused and charged with criminal activity has no place in the law enforcement community and Arizona residents agree.


Arpaio, during his time as sheriff, left behind a long list of victims. Two of those people, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, are not taking his actions in stride. After they were unlawfully arrested by Joe Arpaio for things published in their newspaper, The Phoenix New Times, the duo sued Maricopa County and won.


The two journalists now intend to use the 3.75 million dollar settlement to assist their community. Lacey and Larkin have founded two new organizations: a newspaper and a charity.


Front Page Confidential, their new publication, uses its voice to inform its readers on issues relating to civil violations – specifically first amendment violations. After being subjugated to false imprisonment by Joe Arpaio, the journalists are doing everything in their power to make sure others don’t find themselves in similar circumstances.


Joe Arpaio once admitted to using racial profiling as a way to determine who was an illegal resident. These methods are ultimately what led to his criminal conviction after he refused to abide by a judges order to cease his enforcement of federal immigration law. A large majority of Arpaio’s victims were Hispanic, so Larkin and Lacey started the Frontera Fund to provide information and assistance to the Hispanic community in Arizona.


Joe Arpaio has announced his intention to run for Senate in 2018. People are not quite sure if he is serious, but if he was Lacey and Larkin will be fighting against him along his campaign by using their two newly formed organizations.


The Influence of Madison Street Capital in the Corporate Finance Industry

Madison Street Capital is a middle-market investment banking firm located in Chicago. The founders of the enterprise are Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway. The company has gained an incredible reputation within the financial industry for its sincerity, knowledge, and art. The banking firm targets to help the middle market in investment banking.

Madison Street Capital primary services entail mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy services, tax compliance, corporate governance and private placement advice. The international agency has a department that specifically majors on tax planning and wealth management. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: and

The investment banking firm’s primary customers are Fiber Science, Central Iowa Energy, and Bond Medical Group. Madison Street Capital has a lengthy track record of managing complex contracts, forming exit strategies and linking buyers with sellers.

Clients have gained trust to the firm since the company has personnel who engage their skills and attributions in every transaction they make. The company’s global approach to financial affairs has made it expand its business and own offices in Oregon, Ghana, and India.

According to, the intercontinental firm boasts on its extensive knowledge of the complexity of corporate finance. The bureau was the sole financial advisor to DCG Software Value located in Pennsylvania. DCG is a reputable organization in software analytics that satisfies needs of its end users.

DCG was established in 1994 and later merged with the Spitfire Group to boost their profits. Spitfire Group is a technology advisory firm situated in Denver. The post-merger effects gained Madison Square Capital applause from executives in DCG and Spitfire since Madison staff were essential to the fruitful accomplishment of the deal.

The investment banking firm aligned a minority equity and destroyed debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. ARES is an excellent business security and risk management company based in Virginia, which receives customers in energy, nuclear and transport sectors. The security corporation has a distinguished acknowledged reputation in distributing software solutions for enterprises and legal offices.

Madison street capital assisted HeartSync, medical device firm in Michigan, by boosting its capital growth. The firm was the financial advisor to Maintenance Systems Management, which is a well-known distributor for contract custodial, janitorial and maintenance services.

Madison Street Capital provided WLR Automotive Group with knowledge on a sale and leaseback transaction worth $13.2 million. WLR Automotive majorly deals in car washes, detailing, lube and auto repair. The automotive group later established 17 more outlets from the first outlet they had owned. Madison Street Capital employees earn respect in the banking industry.

Trade organizations such as the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts have also acknowledged Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital receives honors in the annual M&A Advisors Awards, which portrays the company’s achievement in corporate financing, restructuring, and transactions.

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Wild Ark – article recap

With ecotourism on the rise as a great way to travel without leaving your carbon footprint around. The United States has many wonderful destinations that practice alternative energy, raise awareness and use environmentally sound methods. We will look into some of the most eco-friendly states in the U.S. and discuss why they are some of the best travel destinations out there that practice what they preach.


The first destination is Alaska, this is obvious because of all of the environmentally conserved lands and pristine wilderness. Alaska has over 100 national and state parks that protect many different endangered species, mainly over a dozen. The state has many eco-lodges for tourists and visitors looking for an environmentally conscious way to dwell. These “green” accommodations all run on alternative power sources, have organic linens, proper recycling services, use locally sourced food and eco-friendly toiletries to name a few. Wild Ark, a conservation organization, highly recommends the Alaska Sportsmans Lodge that is perfect for lovers of fly-fishing and daring adventurers. Alaska also has eco-tours that showcase the beautiful vast lands all the while educating individuals and promoting positive environmentalism.


If you are not so keen on traveling to the cold north, then consider traveling to lands filled with diverse terrain, all very picturesque and the climate is comfortable. Montana is in fact very working its way to be supremely environmentally friendly as the state was hit with natural gas drillers. Many are helping to preserve its luscious terrains and eco-friendly tourism is a great way to fund their missions. The Grand Teton Lodge Company in Montana recently bought wind credits to conserve energy and reuses and recycles one hundred percent of its waste products. Home to a great chunk of the world’s first national park the Yellowstone, Montana is a place to consider for traveling naturalists.


Wild Ark was founded in 2009 by prominent wildlife experts. They are a conservation organization that proudly has a mission to protect the world’s environment and reconnect individuals to nature. The organization offers personalized tours that come in handy for photographers, travelers and naturalists alike. They are willing nonstop to protect the rich biodiversity around the globe along with your help. Learn more:


Doe Deere Gives You More Options for Quality Cosmetics

There is a revolution going on in the cosmetics world. Women do not want to look the same. They are going out into the workforce and they are getting jobs. They are building their own companies. At the end of the day women are unique Individuals, and they want to show their individuality through the clothes they wear in the cosmetics that they place upon their faces. Doe Deere has taken time to notice the evolution of women in the business world, and she has made it possible for more ladies to get hair dye that is in line with the makeup that she has been selling.


The hair dye is the newest product from the Doe Deere Lime Crime brand, and women are getting very excited about this. For many years Doe Deere has greeted customers through blogs and videos on YouTube with dazzling red or pink hair. She has no problem changing up the color of her hair in order to match whatever shade of lipstick she is selling at the time. This is something that draws attention to her and makes fans stop and stare.


It is the most excellent marketing routine that one can come up with when they are selling any type of product that hinges on color scheme. Doe Deere appears to have caught on to this early. Why other companies are going out and hiring multimillion-dollar models to draw tension, though Doe Deere has taken an alternative route. She is aware that she is able to draw in just as much attention with a totally unknown person that has colorful hair. That is what she does on a weekly basis through social media. Many women that are seen in the colorful hair dye or eyeliner products that are sold by Lime Crime and not celebrities. They are just people that like the products that are being sold. This type of zany colorful product promotion will get the attention of consumers every time.


It doesn’t matter if these products are not being promoted by models. People are going to pay attention because they like what this brand represents. It is a break from the norm, and everyone wants to break from what is considered normal at sometimes. Doe Deere make sure that people that want this outlet will have access to it with her Doe Deere brand. Doe Deere has been successful with marketing.


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PodcastOne Phenomenal Success on Demand with Norman Pattiz

In a 2016 PRNewswire article, Norman Pattiz announced a new podcast called Beyond the Darkness saying that the new show by Chriss Jericho was going to investigate the paranormal. Chris Jericho’s podcast network functions under the PodcastONe which is supported by advertisements only. The podcast Beyond the Darkness by Chris Jericho who is a WWE star was going to include conversations with researchers and those that had had experiences or encounters with the paranormal. Learn more:


These conversations were expected to be informative as regarded things that go bump in the night. The Podcast would look at miracles, mysterious events, aliens, monsters and most importantly ghosts and ghouls. Beyond the Darkness was to be hosted by Dave Schrader who is an author and radio talk show host and Tim Dennis who works as a radio producer and radio host. Norman Parttiz said that every Monday new episodes would be available on their app, iTunes and PodcastOne’s website. Learn more:


Speaking of Chris Jericho and The Jericho Network, Norman Pattiz said that they were one of the very attractive things on the PodcastOne’s network. He pointed out that from the beginning it was known that Chris Jericho’s podcast was going to go beyond wrestling and Beyond the Darkness had done just that.


PodcastOne was founded by Norman Pattiz and is supported by advertising only. They have in their network approximately 200 of most well-liked podcasts today. These include podcasts by Shaquille O’Neal, Heather and Terry Dubrow, and Steve Austin. They also have in their network TheChive and the Forbes on PodcastOne Network.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman J. Pattiz who also goes by the name Norm is the founder of PodcastOne and Westwood One. He founded PodcastOne in 2012 after seeing that there was a not yet tapped market for on-demand audio programs. Between 1976 when he founded Westwood One he has held the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Consultant.


He has served on various boards in different capacities these include Director since 2001 at The Regents of the University of California, Chairman at both the Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC and Los Alamaos National Security and he has also served as Chairman of Board of Governors at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Mr. Pattiz is also a member of the governing body at the University of California. He considers Bill Paley, Steve Ross and Dan Miller his heroes and people that have influence how he thinks. He has been married to Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz for the last 30 years. Learn more:


End Citizen United Objectives near Fruition after Senate and House Democrats Unveil Plans to Correct the Broken American System

End Citizens United (ECU) executive director and president Tiffany Muller released a statement concerning the new agenda that was unveiled by the House and Senate Democrats on July 24, 2017. According to the President, the agenda named as ‘A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future,’ represents a recipe for success in 2018. He feels that the system has always been stolen from the citizens and auctioned to the highest bidder. In the process working families have been isolated. Tiffany Muller further stated that American jobs are being exported, costs of prescription drugs is rising while wages have remained constant. He believes that the move by Senate and House Democrats would fix the out of order system.


Polls results from Hart Research indicate that 79 percent of voters in Senate battlegrounds agree that the system is being rigged against them. A significant number agrees that rigging the system against them is a bigger problem than government exaggerated spending, high taxes and the overwhelming burden on their businesses. ECU is committed to correct the system by funding and campaigning for a Congress, which will fight to overturn the Supreme Court Ruling of 2010 (Citizens United) that marked the entrance of undisclosed dirty money in the American politics. By doing so, ECU will deliver a system that works for the American citizens as opposed to the current one, which serves the interests of the wealthy.


End Citizens United Plans to Raise $35 Million for 2018 Midterm Elections


End Citizens United is a grassroots– funded political action committee committed to electing a congress that will end the rigged system and bring it back to the American Citizens. The PAC collected $4million within the first three months of 2017 and is committed to raising $35 million for 2018 midterm elections. This amount will be significantly high given that the committee raised $25 million in 2016.


According to Tiffany Muller, this year, over 100,000 people have contributed and about 40,000 of them being new donors. He associated the rapid increase in the number of donors to the general feeling amongst the citizens that the system is being rigged against them. Additionally, the Democrats are bitter about President Trump win as well as the appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to head the Supreme Court.


A win for End Citizens United


Some of ECU efforts have come to fruition. A Democrat Senate candidate in Georgia, Jon Ossof won in the April special election. Additionally, the PAC managed to collaborate with Republican senators who agreed to rescue themselves from voting on the Betsy DeVos nomination. This resulted in a 50-50 vote. Although Vice President Pence voted to break the tie in favor of Betsy, this was a big win for ECU.

Todd Lubar Explains the Uses of Smart Technology in Modernizing Homes

Technology has continued to play a significant role in business. With recent technological advancement, most of the things that were viewed as impossible are now possible. Todd Lubar ( has observed a pattern of how technology is being used to makes homes look modern. Owning a smart home is now the goal of every millennial. Below are the advantages of smart homes:


Smart homes have been observed to make life easier. Unlike the past where certain modifications were only done to suit people with various special needs, today, anyone can design a home to ease accessibility. Among the things that can be added to a home include smart lighting systems that are turned on and off using a mobile phone.

Developing empowering solutions

Smart technology has been used to minimize accidents in the living space as well as empower people with disabilities. According to Lubar, this technology enables individuals with disabilities to feel helpful since they can comfortably move around and help out with the house chores.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the director of TDL Global Ventures, a company based in New Jersey. Lubar was a student of Sidwell Friends School and the Peddie School in New Jersey. According to his crunchbase profile, Lubar is also a graduate of Syracuse University where he studied speech communication. Lubar has worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation and the Legacy Financial Group. During his tenure at the Legacy Financial Group, he helped grow this company’s loan volume by $100 million. Lubar spent six years at Legacy Financial Group restructuring and mentoring the firm’s employees.

In 2005, he was recruited by Charter Funding to serve as the company’s senior vice president. Having worked for two years in this venture, he left when the mortgage industry stabilized. Lubar has bought numerous properties since he ventured in mortgage banking. Lubar is currently focusing his energy on the recycling, demolition, and real estate businesses. Recently, he was listed as one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. Lubar also has a vested interest in the entertainment business and owns a couple of night clubs. This entrepreneur’s vast expertise is what makes his ventures excel.

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Tips to Help Young People Succeed At The Workplace According To Sawyer Howitt

According to Sawyer Howitt, a young business executive working for the Meriwether Group, young people have ability to succeed at the workplace provided they have the right skills and knowledge. Nonetheless, the workplace is not an easy environment for young people due to the attitude of their older colleagues. The older generation view young people as inadequate and inexperienced but that’s not the case.

According to research on, millennials are likely to be more successful than their older colleagues because they begin their entrepreneurial journeys a bit earlier. For example, studies show that most millennials start businesses in their 20’s compared to most baby boomers that started companies at around the age of 35.

How Young People Can Deal With the Culture of Ageism at the Workplace

Old people view young people as ineffective and inexperienced due to their age but that is not be the reality. In fact, there are plenty of young people who are very successful at the workplace. In addition, those looking to succeed should follow the following advice.

For starters, working hard and showing dedication in all the tasks and responsibilities is must. Secondly, young people should not fear to showcase their career achievements and contributions as this can lead to more openings down the line. Lastly, Sawyer Howitt advises young people starting businesses to hire the right people, show passion in what they do, get social and eliminate distractions

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt works as a Project Manager for the Meriwether Group, a company located in Portland, Oregon. The young entrepreneur handles financial and operations responsibilities at the company, and is very passionate about sharing ideas on entrepreneurship.

Sawyer Howitt has championed lots of philanthropic initiatives focusing on mentoring the youth and women despite his tender age. He plans to enroll at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2017 to study financial management with a focus on entrepreneurship.

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George Soros’ Path to Political Power

The progressive side of the political spectrum has precious few billionaires willing to throw their weight behind it, at least in the United States. So, the rise of George Soros and his return to the political game is a super important step for progressive politicians to get back at it against their big spending right wing opposition. George Soros has mostly been out of the spotlight and out of mainstream politics since his run with Al Gore back in 2004 but something sparked him to return and that something was Donald J. Trump. The 2016 Presidential Election was one of the most divisive moments in the United States political world that didn’t involve a war and the repercussions of Soros return and the election of Trump will be studied for years to come.

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George Soros was born in Hungary but he was forced to flee the country when it became occupied by Nazis. Soros saw firsthand how an oppressive, populist regime could terrify and embolden all of the worst concepts of a country and so he has spent the majority of his life combating those very traits. Soros emigrated to London where he would work his way through the London School of Economics, studying the philosophies that would later form the groundwork for his philanthropic giving and political endeavors. Soros would eventually graduate from University before setting sail to America. When he arrived in America Soros would go on to establish the Soros Hedge Fund and thus work his way up to becoming a self made billionaire. Learn more about his profile at

After making his fortune Soros would immediately get to work on making an impact politically. He worked alongside progressives and left leaning democrats in order to create a name for himself, culminating with a semi successful funding of Al Gore in 2004. Now Soros is back in politics and supporting Hillary Clinton and the rest of the progressive politicians that were running in 2016 and will run again in 2018 and 2020. Michael Vachon, the political adviser to George Soros, said that the primary reason for Soros’ return to politics was simple: the rising tide of dangerous populist rhetoric had raised the stakes so much that he felt obliged to return. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

George Soros return was met with progressive adulation and more than a little bit of negativity from conservatives. There are precious few billionaires who are willing to sacrifice their riches for the greater good, but Soros is one of them — a rarity for conservatives. Soros would go on to donate over $25 million to progressives up and down the ticket, including $7 million straight to a pro-Clinton committee. Now with the election over, we can expect George Soros to double down and continue to ramp up his support.