The Key Is Balance: Hussain Sajwani

Hussian Sajwani is a man who believes in making Dubai a center for property development. He was born and raised in Dubai. He still lives in the city today with his four children. One thing that has helped Hussain Sajwani be at the top of the real estate industry is a new law that was passed in Dubai. The new law allows foreigners to own land in the United Arab Emirates. He founded his company DAMAC in 2002 and has become one of the wealthiest men in the world today.

One of the main reasons that Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) has become one of the most well-known real estate tycoons is his friendship with fellow real estate mogul Donald Trump. He says the two families get along very well and that the Trump children are very involved in any project the Trump family takes on. They have worked on two projects previously. They are two golf courses that are named after Trump. One of the golf courses is located in Florida and the other is located in Dubai. Sajwani looks forward to doing more business with the Trump family after President Trump leaves office.

One of the other things that Hussian Sajwani believes in is helping the children of Dubai get off to a good start in life. One of the ways he is doing just that is to donate two million AED to help give more than fifty thousand children the clothes they need. The initiative was begun by His Royal Highness during the month of Ramadan. The donation helps confirm Hussain Sajwani’s help in raising the standard of living in the country for the children. He says that the children are the future of Dubai and they need all of the support and care they can get.

The key to the career of Hussain Sajwani is a balance between work and charity. He has been able to help his home city and create a vivid empire that will endure for many years to come. He is a man who knows that home is where his heart lies. That is central to his life. Know the latest news about Sajwani on Instagram.

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Gentle Healing With Hylands

Hylands Homeopathic has released a heartwarming video on Youtube about how, for 100 years they’ve been providing the best remedies for families. They connect with the strength and vulnerability of what it means to be a mother, touching on things that mother’s innately experience. The video is warm and happy, and makes me curious about their products. It evokes a rather maternal response in me, and I was pleased to see Mothers of diversity in the video. The children were shown from newborn all the way up to adulthood, and how this amazing journey happens when you have a child. It simultaneously felt empowering and humbling.


Hylands produces homeopathic remedies for babies aand children all the way up to adults. These are formulated through traditional homeopathic knowledge for many things from teething to stomachaches. They are marketed mainly towards mothers, and have a positive feminine touch to their products, seeming to harken back to the days when women used herbal and homeopathic remedies for their families almost exclusively.

Although Hyland’s stopped selling Hyland’s Teething tablets last year, the company now offers Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets, which is not an alternative but an all new product determined to provide relief to babies coping with all kinds of oral pain.


Their products are formulated with the ideas of homeopathy, and treating the whole person in mind. They take into account not only a person’s physicality, but their mental, emotional, and lifestyle habits as well. They also formulate based on the system of like curing like, which has been thought to work in traditional homeopathic practice for hundreds of years.


They are an older company which started in 1903, and has had to upgrade their facilities many times, even recently, their employees going from 40 in number to 400. They continue to grow through leaps and bounds as more green and gentle medicines are incorporated into the company’s new century


Mothers Heal – Hylands Helps

No one will ever know our children better than we do as mothers. From their first tiny tooth to the day they pack for college we’re always there to guide and protect our greatest treasures. We may lose sleep, but we find strength in our own joy and in the unique experience of motherhood that binds us to those who share in the bliss that being “Mommy” can bring. Our child’s delight is our delight, and their pain is also our pain.

In those moments of pain we want to know that the medicine we give our children will be safe and effective. Our children matter more than anything to us and while nothing is more powerful or healing than a mother’s love and her well-placed kiss having a little help can make all the difference in those middle-of-the-night moments. Since 1903 Hylands has worked to ensure that everyone has the ability to provide natural remedies for the moments when our little ones aren’t feeling their best. While we believe in our children Hylands believes in the ability of their little bodies to heal themselves.

By using only the best quality ingredients to create safe homeopathic medicines Hylands is able to provide virtually side-effect free home remedies to help those little bodies do what they do best: bounce back. With homeopathic health care for our babies and ourselves that can be trusted Hylands continues to demonstrate their commitment to our entire family so that mothers like us can ensure that every precious moment is lived to its full potential.

Hyland’s is awesome with overcoming obstacles. In 2017 the company stopped carrying their popular Hyland’s Teething Tablets due to an FDA request. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are no longer on the shelves, however Hyland’s Baby Pain Relief Oral Tablets is a new product determined to help children with general oral pain issues.

Insight Into The Life Of Bruce Katzen: One Of The Top Lawyers In U.S.

Bruce Katzen is a renowned attorney in Miami who is currently the Chairman of the Kluger Kaplan Katzen litigation firm founded in 1991. The litigation firm takes up cases related to guardianships disputes, probates, insurance disputes and also handles corporate lawsuits, financial frauds, and stockbroker liability. He is an experienced attorney who takes away lessons from every case he handles irrespective of whether he won or lost. One of his major cases includes the untimely and suspicious death of the real-estate veteran in Miami, Andrea Greenberg who was 54-years old when she passed away in 2010.


Early in his career he became certified as a public accountant and the training during that tenure developed his interests in the technicalities of financial fraud later in his career. Every financial fraud case he was involved in has given him an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms used by the fraudsters to dupe financial institutions. Bruce used every input from cases stretched over a long successful career, as lessons to devise unique strategies and approaches for his clients.


Bruce Katzen earned his bachelor’s degree from Boston University and was the topper of his batch. Later he enrolled in the Public Accountant Certification program before he earned his Jurisprudence from the Law School of the University of Miami. He has been a brilliant learner since his childhood, and soon after developing interests in finance and law, he jumpstarted his career and was working and learning with the utmost dedication which made him able to efficiently handle some tough cases in his career.


He is a leader and an idol for the emerging generation of lawyers. Bruce Katzen has been mentioned in famous publications such as Super Lawyers Business Edition, South Florida Legal Guide to name a few. In 2011, US News included him in the list of top lawyers in America in the Capital market.

Whitney Wolf the Match Maker

Whitney Wolfe indulged herself in the business of matching people with their potential partners, by launching a company known as Bumble in the year 2014. One year later, Bumble had successfully matched 80 million people and engaged 15 million more people in conversation. Currently, the company has 20 million users and is very famous for giving the women total control of the dating operation. According to Whitney, for a connection to be created between two people, the woman should be the one to make the first move, as was the case between Whitney Wolfe, and her husband Michael herd. For more latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.


In 2014, Whitney Wolfe was listed among the 30 women under the age of 30 years, in technology by the American Business Insider. In 2016, Elle a French magazine identified her as one of the important women engaging in technology. Forbes, which is a media enterprise that operates globally, has put the value of Bumble at $1 billion and earned Whitney a total of $230 million. After missing out in the Forbes list in 2016, they predicted that it would only be a matter of time before Whitney Wolfe finds herself among the wealthiest self- reliant women in America. True to their word, she appeared in the Forbes 30 list in the year 2017 and 2018.


One of Bumble’s largest competitors is Tinder, which is a dating app that finds matches for people based on their locations. Whitney Wolfe was one of the founding members of Tinder. She, however, left the organization in 2014 after claiming she had been sexually harassed.

Security Concerns

In 2017, Bumble was cyber bullied by a neo-Nazi website. The website put up a post containing the pictures and contact details of the workers at Bumble and asked the general to intimidate them publicly. The FBI was involved, and they responded quickly and got the post removed from the website. According to Whitney Wolfe, the main reason they were attacked is that of their activities of empowering the female gender. Since the attack, Whitney Wolf took some cautionary measures and employed a security team for the app that operates around the clock, and hired a bodyguard for her protection.

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Infinity Group Australia and Graeme Holm

Infinity Group Australia was ranked top 58 by the Australian Financial Review when it came to the most innovative organizations among the many selected within Australia and New Zealand. Since Infinity Group Australia came into existence in 2013 by its founders Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, the organization has become the fastest developing company when it comes to debt reduction. The organization has helped many average Australians to reduce their debts while improving their finances. In addition to this, the organization has supported the Australians to have their futures secured. It is just five years since the company was established yet it had received recognition from the Australian Financial Review (AFR) as among the 2018 most innovative companies in the region.

AFR has been publishing the list of the most innovative organization in the area for the last seven years. Previously, the list was called the BRW most innovative companies. The prestigious event that takes place every year ranks organizations from New Zealand and Australia in terms of how creative they are in their operations. The event is the only one of its kind in the area, and it covers all industries. The list usually comes with the top 100 organizations that are most innovative, and over 1.8 million people read it.

Inventium, Australia’s first innovation consultancy group is the one that judged as well as compiled the list. Other industry experts and other panelist were also available. Organizations are rated in terms of how they are handling the challenges they are trying to work out including how unique the solution to the problems is. In addition to this, the panelist check on the impact the solution has on the outside world. Some of the aspects that the panelist look at before compiling the list is the innovation strategy, culture, process, and resources of these organizations.

Among the more than 1,000 organizations that were nominated, Infinity Group Australia received a 5.8% of all the selected companies. Graeme Holm was pleased with the honor and proud to be listed among other companies as one of the innovative organizations in Australia. He was happy and thanked the panelist as well as the Australian Financial Review team for such an honor. Graeme went ahead to thank the employees of Infinity Group for the exemplary work that has contributed to the organization being honored. Graeme Holm has been working in the financial industry for more than 15 years. He has always focused his attention on making the banks honest when dealing with average Australians. Learn more :


Advantages that accrue to Fortress Investment Group due to the Use of iPass Technology

Fortress Investment Group in ensuring that they offer entirely secure Investment to investors they have to broaden their Investment strategy by incorporating iPass just the other day. Under the contract, it made with iPass, and it only permits iPass $10 million immediate access. Therefore, Fortress gets the opportunity to be among the elite firms via investing in iPass and its strategy that are cloud-based SaaS.

In 1998, Fortress Investment Group came to existence due to teaming up of Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone to work jointly. Also, it broke the record for being the first personal equity firm to be traded publicly. Fortress has also portrayed a trendsetter trait due to its preference to invest mostly in areas that their customers will tend to incur risk-adjusted proceeds for durable investing strategies. In making the deal secure, iPass assets and patents are used; therefore its clients end up enjoying the best nomadic experience available thus it was a wise decision for supporting this technology using its investment capital. Fortress has 900 employees with its headquarters located in New York City, and it is in this place that it manages assets that are over $40 billion for investors who exceed 1750.

May 2017, was the sixth round of Fortress Investment Group funding. It got an opportunity to raise $2.9 billion while between 1999 and 2006 it experienced exponential growth of over 39.7 percent income for its investors. Although, it was listed in the stock exchange of New York City on February 9, 2007, and it administrated alternative assets that are more than $70.2 billion by June 30, 2016. Due to its notable achievements and excellent reputation that it has built for itself, it has been recognized and honored in several occasions such scenarios include; It was named by Institutional investor to be the year’s Hedge Fund Manager, the magazine which was dated June 30, 2014, and also other forms of credit from financial industry’s peers.

In conclusion, Fortress Investment Group has hired over 953 asset management experts in its offices in New York City as well as affiliate offices all over the world. It was managing assets worth about $40.9 billion as at March 31, 2018, and the deal between Fortress and iPass is expected to improve both parties profile and bring durable dividends to the investors. Also, due to its highly graded equity research thus it is looked upon in the financial world.

Hussain Sajwani; The Most Influential Real Estate Developer

Hussain Sajwani is the founder also the chairman of DAMAC properties. DAMAC is a luxury real estate developer that was started in the year 2002 by Hussain Sajwani which offers the experience of living like no other in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). He holds a majority of the shares in the company hence being the owner.

The DAMAC owner graduated from Washington University and commenced his job as a contract manager in GASCO that was under Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Later on, he began a personal investment which he ventured into catering.

From the humble beginning, the catering sector has advanced step by step, and currently, it’s the market’s leading manager of more than 200 projects and serving more than 150,000 meals each day in majority markets, e.g., Middle East, Africa and CIS.

DAMAC owner identified the market opportunity and started DAMAC properties that have developed to one among the most prominent and prominent development companies in the Middle East due to Hussain Sajwani’s vast knowledge in the sector of property development, sales, finance and administration which played the most critical role in the company’s success.

DAMAC properties have many great projects in Major cities around the world.

DAMAC has one of the best records in luxury property development market whereby it has delivered over 21,700 homes with a development portfolio of more than 44,000 units at different stages of planning and development.

DAMAC properties started its hospitality branch called DAMAC Maison in 2011 October that will offer bespoke services to clients in over 15,000 serviced hotel apartments which will portray the company as among the biggest hotel apartment operators and developers in the area.

The DAMAC owner’s expertise in entrepreneurship has led to a vast and extraordinary growth of the company and above all his vision too.

Hussain Sajwani has been ranked among the top 100 most influential Arabs globally and has proven beyond reasonable doubt to have the ability to change business dreams into reality and provision of leadership that can do a successful business.

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Robert Ivy becomes a recognized leader

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization that for many years has been supporting architects. It was established in the 19th century, and since then it has produced some of the best leaders in the modern world. The institution is based in New York. The professionals who become leaders here are competent and experienced, and that is why it has stood the test of time and has been doing well. Today the CEO of the organization is Robert Ivy, and like many others who came before him, he has worked hard to ensure people recognize and love architecture. He also serves as the Vice President of the organization. He has been commanding a lot of respect from other professionals and upcoming architects. He is not only hardworking but disciplined and dedicated in his work. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

Robert Ivy is happy this month because he was recognized for his outstanding record and contributions to the field of architects. He received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievements as the first architect to be recognized by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. It is a great privilege being the first architect to earn the recognition. Getting the prize is not easy because Robert has been working hard to shape the field of architecture and many recognize him for his dedication to taking architecture to the people. Through his work, many have recognized the importance of the career for the people of the United States and the rest of the world.

Many professionals are happy with Robert Ivy, and many for his outstanding performance have congratulated him. Robert Ivy deserves the award because he has been working for the organization since 2011. For the years he has been a leader here, he has been contributing to the expansion of the organization and today it has even established offices in other countries like Canada and China. Ivy is not only an architect, but Robert Ivy is also skilled in writing and editing. He has also served as the ambassador of architects for many years. That is why he has acquired the leadership skills he has today. The award is one of the best ways to crown his career, and he will always be remembered for this lifetime achievement.



Victoria Doramus, The Lady Of Her Philosophy

Anyone who talks of the universe should speak of love and be caring. Despite all the struggles and difficult situations and conditions in the world, some people do care about something. Victoria Doramus is one of those people.

To give her a brief history, she is a digital and print media guru who is more creative and outgoing than most. In the media, she has a substantial and extensive foundation in media, branding, and communication. No one could have gone that far without the education that is why to describe her it is important to mention that Victoria Doramus attended the University of Colorado taking a degree in journalism and mass communication. She has a couple of experience, and she has worked in different places in different capacities like as a personal assistant to film producer, west coast director and many more.

Love is the key to all aspects, and despite maneuvering well in the corporate world, Victoria Doramas has a definite and unshaken love for animals. And so as a recovering person she has also experienced many ups and downs, and through that, she has learned the lesson of helping others who are on that road too.

Victoria Doramus supports an organization called Best Friend Animal Society. The organization helps animals that are old and have no place to go. They also take in animals so that they can halt the behavior of people killing the animals they shelter, feed and look after them. The organization was started in the 1980s since they felt the concern of advertising the problems facing the creatures since statistically speaking almost 17 million animals are killed every year in United States.

To draw up my conclusion Victoria Doramus personally and intuitively believes that animals need to be loved, no matter their conditions be it old, sick or undesirable they should. And that is why she fully supports the organization