Jason Hope Has His Sights On Biotech, The Internet, And Philanthropy

Jason Hope is first and foremost an entrepreneur that has made a good living through smart investments and company startups. Since the beginning, Jason Hope has always focused on technology, especially biotechnology. Jason wants to see the future hold more possibilities and good things for the generations to come.

Philanthropy is one of the major focuses of Jason’s career these days and he has been making major contributions to medical research and technological advancement, along with charitable donations to dozens of nonprofit organizations. Jason graduated from Arizona State University and has gone on to show his talents in marketing, investing, business, writing, advertising, and more.

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Currently, Jason Hope is living in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he spends time researching the biotech industry and working as a consultant for a variety of different organizations. He has helped dozens of individuals and companies through his expertise and professional advice over the years. Primarily, Jason is focused on all things technology, internet, biotech, education, and sometimes even politics when it involves technology. There are many different implications and applications for technology and Jason is always looking for new ways to make them possible, whether it is his own idea or donating to an organization that has the idea themselves.

Over the course of his career, Jason has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthwhile causes and to fund research into technology and anti-aging. Jason is currently the largest donator to the SENS Research Foundation, with a pledge of 500 thousand dollars that he gave back in 2010. Along with the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope has contributed to many other charitable organizations that are doing great things around the world. These organizations include the TGen Foundation, Teach For America, International Foundation For Education, True Colors Fund, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International, The Boys and Girls Club, The Andre Agassi Foundation, and many others.

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George Soros’ Path to Political Power

The progressive side of the political spectrum has precious few billionaires willing to throw their weight behind it, at least in the United States. So, the rise of George Soros and his return to the political game is a super important step for progressive politicians to get back at it against their big spending right wing opposition. George Soros has mostly been out of the spotlight and out of mainstream politics since his run with Al Gore back in 2004 but something sparked him to return and that something was Donald J. Trump. The 2016 Presidential Election was one of the most divisive moments in the United States political world that didn’t involve a war and the repercussions of Soros return and the election of Trump will be studied for years to come.

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George Soros was born in Hungary but he was forced to flee the country when it became occupied by Nazis. Soros saw firsthand how an oppressive, populist regime could terrify and embolden all of the worst concepts of a country and so he has spent the majority of his life combating those very traits. Soros emigrated to London where he would work his way through the London School of Economics, studying the philosophies that would later form the groundwork for his philanthropic giving and political endeavors. Soros would eventually graduate from University before setting sail to America. When he arrived in America Soros would go on to establish the Soros Hedge Fund and thus work his way up to becoming a self made billionaire. Learn more about his profile at businessinsider.com.

After making his fortune Soros would immediately get to work on making an impact politically. He worked alongside progressives and left leaning democrats in order to create a name for himself, culminating with a semi successful funding of Al Gore in 2004. Now Soros is back in politics and supporting Hillary Clinton and the rest of the progressive politicians that were running in 2016 and will run again in 2018 and 2020. Michael Vachon, the political adviser to George Soros, said that the primary reason for Soros’ return to politics was simple: the rising tide of dangerous populist rhetoric had raised the stakes so much that he felt obliged to return. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

George Soros return was met with progressive adulation and more than a little bit of negativity from conservatives. There are precious few billionaires who are willing to sacrifice their riches for the greater good, but Soros is one of them — a rarity for conservatives. Soros would go on to donate over $25 million to progressives up and down the ticket, including $7 million straight to a pro-Clinton committee. Now with the election over, we can expect George Soros to double down and continue to ramp up his support.

A Look at Rick Shinto’s Inspired Leadership of InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health, Inc., is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto. The company, which is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is a healthcare service provider that helps connect people to coverage across the country. As the health care environment has grown increasingly challenging due to new rules, regulations, and competition healthcare companies need strong and effective leaders like Dr. Shinto in order to survive.

During the first part of his professional career, Rick Shinto practiced medicine. He was in Pulmonary Internal Medicine. He also has worked for Cal Optima Health Plan as its Chief Medical Officer, as well as being the Chief Medical Officer and COO at Medical Pathways Mangement Company. He has had several years of clinical experience. Read this article at Open Minds.

As a business leader, he has served a number of companies. One of these is MedPartners where he was the Vice President of Medical Management. He has also been the CEO of North American Medical Management as well as the CEO of Aveta, Inc. He has developed strong managerial skills such as strategic vision, operational management, and overseeing day-to-day business activities. During his career as a business leader, he has won a number of awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award that he was honored with in 2012.

Rick Shinto is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine where he earned his Bachelors of Science. He attended the State University of New York which is where he earned his medical degree. He is also a graduate of the University of Redlands where he obtained his MBA.

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs. They also operate a Provider Network through which people obtain healthcare policies. The mission of InnovaCare Health is to provide the highest quality of healthcare that is also cost-effective and sustainable for their customers.

There are a number of values at InnovaCare Health that they believe in. The first is that patients always come first. Other values include ensuring that their customers have strong patient-provider relationships that are gained through innovative medical practices and networks. Dr. Shinto also strives to see that the company grows as an organization and that the company is holds high standards in quality and transparency. Learn more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Tony Petrello’s Illustrious Career In The Corporate World

Tony Petrello is no stranger to the corporate world. Having been in Nabors since 1991, Tony is currently the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries Ltd. The S&P500 company deals in both land-based and offshore drilling rig supply as well as drilling operations and services.

Nabors has services spanning the Americas, Middle East, Africa and the Far East employing around twenty-seven thousand people. His role as the CEO involves initiating strategic plans for the company’s to prosper financially. He is also responsible for guiding the company adapt to the dynamic competitive business environment.

Tony Petrello also holds other positions apart from the one at Nabors Industries. However, it is the role that he has played in Nabors success that has brought him to prominence.

Being the boss of such a highly successful company, it is common to be in the public spotlight. Tony has found himself in this situation for all the obvious reasons that come with this ‘oligarch status, and in 2013, he was named the highest paid boss in the United States.

The 61-year-old holds a B.S and M.S degrees in Mathematics from Yale. He also has a law degree from Harvard. Coming from a working-class family in Newark, Tony had to rely on the public school scholarship program. His significant contribution to Nabors Industries prosperity and his ensuing rise to the top of the corporate world demonstrates both high levels of ambition combined with hard work and brilliance.

Tony is married to Cynthia Caffara who is a soap-opera actress and producer. Together, they are active in philanthropy. This is after their prematurely born daughter developed cerebral palsy and they contribute generously to the neurological research center at Texas Children’s Hospital.

This demonstrates Tony’s dedication to his family and also his human side as he is touched by the plight of the society around him. It is, therefore, evident that this alongside his steady rise to the enviable position as one of the corporate world’s most influential bosses he is a real success. Definitely, Tony Petrello is a motivational figure many young people can look up to.