UK-Israeli Bond Made Stronger with Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub recently met the queen for the first time when he was presenting his credentials. Daniel was born in 1962 in Britain, and during the meeting, he dressed in a manner to embrace his Britain roots. Daniel Taub is one of the brilliant diplomats Britain ever had.

The queen was concerned on how Daniel was going to represent a country he surrendered his citizenship when he was less than 30 years of age. Daniel moved to Israel from Britain in 1989.

According to Daniel, he was going to represent Britain entirely because it’s his homeland and he was glad his kids were going to grow up in Britain. Mr. Taub stated that he is aware of the opportunity and hope his lineage for the past 2,000 years found in Britain and therefore he had deep ties with Britain, and he was positive about bringing Israel and Britain closer together.

Daniel and many other people have expressed that the Jewish community in Britain is currently appreciated in Britain. During a farewell ceremony in his home, the people were sad to see him go but they understood. The visitors also seconded that Britain has improved in appreciating the Jewish and therefore Daniel had no problem.

Records show that Mr. Taub is an incredible Israeli-Britain ambassador after ShlomoArgoy. He has always fought for Israelites in many aspects. Daniel Taub has always been frontline advocating for Israel. For some time Daniel has been trending talking to the media on programs such as Today, Sky News, BBCs Radio 4’s and Newsnight speaking about the excellent cooperation between Israel and Britain.

Daniel Taub stated that Israelites do not view Britain as just a country but rather as a country playing a significant role in the economy of Europe.

Moreover, Israelites think that Britain news comprises of the world media because it is the global functional center. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

According to Mr. Taub, throughout his tenure, he did not experience severe problems with being orthodox in London. Daniel said that his dimension of faith opened opportunities for building bridges to other communities.

Mr. Taub has held various diplomatic positions in the Foreign Ministry of Israel. When he was meeting the queen in 2011, is when he had been appointed to be ambassador to the Court of St. James’s.

Being the second UK-born Israeli ambassador, he was confident that he would improve the relationship between his homeland and Israel. His term ended in 2015 after tremendous improvements in their relationship.

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