Wild Ark – article recap

With ecotourism on the rise as a great way to travel without leaving your carbon footprint around. The United States has many wonderful destinations that practice alternative energy, raise awareness and use environmentally sound methods. We will look into some of the most eco-friendly states in the U.S. and discuss why they are some of the best travel destinations out there that practice what they preach.


The first destination is Alaska, this is obvious because of all of the environmentally conserved lands and pristine wilderness. Alaska has over 100 national and state parks that protect many different endangered species, mainly over a dozen. The state has many eco-lodges for tourists and visitors looking for an environmentally conscious way to dwell. These “green” accommodations all run on alternative power sources, have organic linens, proper recycling services, use locally sourced food and eco-friendly toiletries to name a few. Wild Ark, a conservation organization, highly recommends the Alaska Sportsmans Lodge that is perfect for lovers of fly-fishing and daring adventurers. Alaska also has eco-tours that showcase the beautiful vast lands all the while educating individuals and promoting positive environmentalism.


If you are not so keen on traveling to the cold north, then consider traveling to lands filled with diverse terrain, all very picturesque and the climate is comfortable. Montana is in fact very working its way to be supremely environmentally friendly as the state was hit with natural gas drillers. Many are helping to preserve its luscious terrains and eco-friendly tourism is a great way to fund their missions. The Grand Teton Lodge Company in Montana recently bought wind credits to conserve energy and reuses and recycles one hundred percent of its waste products. Home to a great chunk of the world’s first national park the Yellowstone, Montana is a place to consider for traveling naturalists.


Wild Ark was founded in 2009 by prominent wildlife experts. They are a conservation organization that proudly has a mission to protect the world’s environment and reconnect individuals to nature. The organization offers personalized tours that come in handy for photographers, travelers and naturalists alike. They are willing nonstop to protect the rich biodiversity around the globe along with your help. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/wildarkglobal/