Eli Gerschkovitch: Canadian Beer Entrepreneur

Craft beer is one of Canada’s main products. It accounts to 10% of all beers produced in Canada, and most of it is produced in small breweries owned by individual families. The industry managed to sell $9 billion worth of craft beers, making it one of the most profitable industries in the country. Craft beers are being enjoyed by everyone in Canada, and the high quality products are being exported overseas. Today, the Canadian craft beer industry is having a healthy competition against other beer producing countries, like Germany. The Canadian government is putting all of their support to the country’s craft beer industry because of its potential to help local breweries.


One of the emerging craft beer breweries in Canada is Steamworks Brew Pub, founded by Eli Gerschkovitch in 1995 (http://www.calgaryherald.com/Steamworks+owner+Gershkovitch+awarded+registered+trademark+Cascadia+2006+after+seven+year+dispute+with+Granville+Island+Brewing/7612614/story.html). Eli Gerschkovitch is a beer lover, and he stated that the foundation of his brewery happened in an accident. According to Eli Gerschkovitch, while he was in Europe, he tasted a bottle of German and Belgian beer. He fell in love with the taste, and he dreamed of establishing his own brewery in Canada.


When he went back to his home country after the trip in Europe, he gathered all of the permits and opened Steamworks Brew Pub to the Canadian people. Eli Gerschkovitch stated that there were few people visiting his pub at first, but soon after they tasted his craft beer, they keep on coming back, taking with them new customers who wanted to try the craft beer. Eli Gerschkovitch is very happy that his pub became well known, and thanked his loyal customers for support. He is now planning to convert the pub into a full pledged bar and restaurant, hoping that it will attract more people.


Eli Gerschkovitch is an example of a person who persevered to be able to become successful. Without his hard work, Steamworks Brew Pub will not be able to grow exponentially from its humble beginnings. His decision to convert the pub into a bar and restaurant type of building is necessary to get new customers, especially those who are not into drinking (imbd). He is planning to shift to the bar and restaurant type as soon as the restaurant’s menu is finished.