How Does Steve Ritchie Ensure That Discrimination Is Reduced in Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is the largest pizza delivery company in the world. For more than 16 years the company has been rated as the leading when it comes to customer satisfaction. Steve Ritchie is the CEO of the company, and most recently he reported that the company is focusing on implementing new diversity initiatives. This is a simple message to the customers of the company that they will soon receive better and unbiased services from the company.

The company has received many comments from customers expressing their disappointments concerning the organization. This made Steve Ritchie and his team pen an open letter to the franchisees, customer, and employees outlining the company’s efforts in ensuring that the problem which has affected their sales. Not so long the leadership team of the company concluded “unconscious bias training.”

Papa John’s is currently forming a special advisory team that will comprise nationally respected equity, inclusion, and diversity experts to help guide the organization in building a diverse environment for all its customers. Steve Ritchie is also planning to add more diversity to the management and leadership team.

Consequently, Papa John’s is forming a new foundation that will focus on helping organizations that are focused on eradicating discriminations that have kept them apart. The foundation will also be used to celebrate those that unite them. The initiative will help in creating a franchise that treats all people equally. The primary goal of the company is to improve customer experience and facilitate brand marketing.

People are the hearts of the company, and the initiative is one of the many actions the company is taking to prioritize their team and address the challenges affecting the organization and their sales. Papa John’s also plans to make certain reductions such as foodservice pricing, online fees, and royalties. The company will also use their funds to support re-imaging and new marketing initiatives that are consistent with the new direction of the organization.

With diversity initiative of Papa John’s will change the perception of customers concerning the company and it will attract many more customers to the organization, thus helping them to maintain their position in the market.