Steve Ritchie: What Makes Papa John’s Special

Determined to keep Papa John’s Pizza ahead of its competitors, company CEO Steve Ritchie recently penned a letter to customers explaining how the company plans to move forward in the coming months. Knowing that it takes a combination of employee commitment to excellence as well as customer trust and loyalty to succeed, Steve Ritchie has let it be known in his open letter that transparency, diversity, inclusion, and a renewed commitment to excellence are just some of the things customers, franchisees, and others can expect to see from the company moving forward.

Acknowledging issues in the past, Steve Ritchie chooses instead to look at the many positive aspects of Papa John’s Pizza. For example, in announcing to customers he and many other high-level company executives will be visiting numerous cities across the United States to speak directly with Papa John’s franchisees, employees, and customers, he has shown a willingness by the company to commit itself to solving any problems that may exist, no matter how big or small they may be to employees or customers. In doing so, Steve Ritchie is demonstrating a desire to make the company as good as possible, while at the same time listening to the concerns of everyone who will be affected by the upcoming changes, as mentioned in Wikipedia.

Whether announcing outside auditors and others will be brought in to help evaluate the company’s diversity and inclusion practices, the upcoming tour of restaurants, or other important aspects of the company’s commitment to its employees and customers, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has shown those in the business world and his company’s customers that rather than just talk about change, he is determined to actually make it happen. From this moment on, he has made it clear that actions speak far louder than words, and that he and other company executives will not be satisfied until Papa John’s is again a company that has the complete trust of its customers.

Knowing he will hear a number of concerns during his visits to franchisees, Steve Ritchie nevertheless is unwavering in his belief that the best is yet to come for Papa John’s Pizza.

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