Insight Into The Life Of Bruce Katzen: One Of The Top Lawyers In U.S.

Bruce Katzen is a renowned attorney in Miami who is currently the Chairman of the Kluger Kaplan Katzen litigation firm founded in 1991. The litigation firm takes up cases related to guardianships disputes, probates, insurance disputes and also handles corporate lawsuits, financial frauds, and stockbroker liability. He is an experienced attorney who takes away lessons from every case he handles irrespective of whether he won or lost. One of his major cases includes the untimely and suspicious death of the real-estate veteran in Miami, Andrea Greenberg who was 54-years old when she passed away in 2010.


Early in his career he became certified as a public accountant and the training during that tenure developed his interests in the technicalities of financial fraud later in his career. Every financial fraud case he was involved in has given him an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms used by the fraudsters to dupe financial institutions. Bruce used every input from cases stretched over a long successful career, as lessons to devise unique strategies and approaches for his clients.


Bruce Katzen earned his bachelor’s degree from Boston University and was the topper of his batch. Later he enrolled in the Public Accountant Certification program before he earned his Jurisprudence from the Law School of the University of Miami. He has been a brilliant learner since his childhood, and soon after developing interests in finance and law, he jumpstarted his career and was working and learning with the utmost dedication which made him able to efficiently handle some tough cases in his career.


He is a leader and an idol for the emerging generation of lawyers. Bruce Katzen has been mentioned in famous publications such as Super Lawyers Business Edition, South Florida Legal Guide to name a few. In 2011, US News included him in the list of top lawyers in America in the Capital market.

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