Healthcare IT Entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden are who the American Healthcare Industry needs to Spearhead

Innovations in the Sector

The American healthcare industry is increasingly open to innovations. The U.S government, through its first CTO—Aneesh Chopra—initiated several forward-looking initiatives to entice smart entrepreneurs into becoming part of the industry. Some of the projects Chopra launched include Open Data Conference,, and Argonaut Project among others. He envisioned a healthcare sector teeming with healthcare IT entrepreneurs shaping the future of healthcare. Apart from Chopra’s initiatives, big regulatory shocks are happening in favor of new players joining the healthcare sector.

Healthcare enthusiasts understand where the American government is coming from. For years, the American healthcare industry’s spending has not resulted in superior outcomes, WHO’s 2014 revelations confirmed the same. America commits more resources—$9,403—on healthcare per capita, the highest of all the nations studied. However, America’s life expectancy figure (79.8) is far from the biggest. In fact, Japan spends slightly less than $4, 000 on healthcare per capita and has the highest life expectancy number—83.84 years.

Healthcare pundits have long attributed the American healthcare woes to stunted innovations in the sector. Entrepreneurs, known as the sources of innovations, do not fancy the healthcare sector partly because of overwhelming regulations, politics, and counter-intuitive payment incentives associated with the industry. However, with the government’s right gestures, the healthcare industry is set for one significant change.

Entrepreneurs in healthcare may choose to specialize in one of the many niches available in the industry. Take Drew Madden, for instance, he is a healthcare IT entrepreneur but has decided to focus on electronic medical records(EMRs). Drew Madden has dedicated over a decade to EMRs; optimizing, troubleshooting, implementing, and other complex issues associated with EMRs.

Recently, the executive joined hands with other like-minded professionals at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a healthcare company seeking to revolutionize the industry through intuitive electronic health records (EHRs) platforms.

Drew Madden was the president of Nordic Consulting Partners prior to his tenure at Evergreen. He transformed Nordic into a modern healthcare firm with a turnover of $130 million, up from $1 million. In addition, he secured over 140 new client partners for Nordic. As a result, the company hired 715 new staff to cover its heightened business activity.

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