Sussex Healthcare Is Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare is a home service healthcare organization based in Sussex UK. The center specializes in home healthcare services in Sussex and its environs. They run homes for various groups of people with a range health needs.

Sussex Healthcare has 25 years of experiences in taking care of elderly, and specialized services in people with mentally disabilities.

The organization is an equal opportunity employer with a long-standing reputation for the best service possible in home care health provision. The organization has advertised several job openings for qualified people. Interested candidates are advised to apply directly via the healthcare institution’s website.

About Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare management and staff recognize that quality health is not the absence of sickness. Therefore, it has implemented plans to make the health care homes that it runs a homely environment that embraces the principles of wellbeing as an important requisite towards achieving good health. In particular, the residents of Sussex healthcare homes are treated to a wide range of recreational facilities and activities. The activities pursued at Sussex healthcare are designed to ensure that each of the residents is encouraged to explore their mental faculties to the maximum.


The Organization Has Advertised the Following Positions

Accounts Assistant: Purchase Ledger
The job is located in Horsham. It offers an annual salary of £21,000 – £21,450. The role of the Accounts Assistant is to report to the director of finance. The successful candidate will be expected to ensure proper keeping of records, particularly, the purchase ledger. The position offers a permanent job.

Senior Care Assistant: Level 3 Carer: Beech Lodge
This position is available at Horsham. It is a permanent position with an annual salary offer of £21,000 – £21,450. You need to be a friendly and caring person to fit into this position naturally. You will work at the Beech Lodger home.

Domestic Assistant: Orchard Lodge Warnham
This is a permanent position. It offers an annual salary of £7.55/hour. The position calls for a patient, friendly and warm person. The job is available at Horsham. The successful candidate will work at Orchard Lodge, Warnham. It is a facility that cares for adults with learning challenges.

Registered Mental Health Nurse
This is a permanent opening with a salary of £13.00 – £14.80/hour. The job is available at Billingshurst.

A New management Chief

Sussex Healthcare recently appointed a new CEO. Ms. Amanda M Taylor took over the leadership of the organization. Soon after her appointment at the helm, she set out to establish a new Quality, Compliance, and Service Improvement Director, among other initiatives aimed at enhancing quality homecare and compliance. She comes with 30 years experience in the home healthcare sector. She has previously served as MD, Service Manager and Quality Development Director.


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