George Soros Tries to Help The Poor So They Can Build A Better World

People across the globe face a number of injustices, mostly because they are poor and cannot afford to fight the bullies that seek to keep them oppressed. The laws are often made to imprison the poor and those who are different from the majority who are in power. George Soros knows this feeling, as he has been oppressed himself. George is from Hungary, and in the late 1930s Hungary was witnessing Hitler’s rise to power. This was a frightening occurrence for George and his family. George and his family were born Jews, and in times of the Nazi invaders, this meant certain death. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

During Hitler’s televised opening of the Berlin Olympics, George’s father decided that it was best to change the name of his family from their Jewish born surname of Schwartz to that of Soros. George’s father went one step further to try and protect his family by using false documents that declared his family to be Christians. This helped George to avoid the deadly Holocaust of the Nazis. Once the Nazis were defeated, George left Hungary for London.

While living in London, George enrolled into a local school to earn his degrees, of which he holds two: a degree in economics and another in philosophy. These degrees are what helped George to eventually obtain his aggregate of riches, and also helped him to see that using his wealth to help others was the best use for it. George earned enough money from working in London to plan a move to America. He wanted to relocate to live in New York, as it was known to be the most economically affluent area of the United States at the time. He reached New York in 1963, and eventually became a US citizen. Read more on

He found work on Wall Street at many companies and within a few years had the money to start his own. George formed a hedge fund company and branded it the Soros Fund. But that was only the start of his endeavors. In time George Soros created the OSF (Open Society Foundation). They are a charitable foundation that helps to establish an open and free society, based on the teachings of famed philosopher Karl Popper. His teachings state that a society that is free to learn and to help one another in times of need is a society that will establish a better world.

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George uses his foundation to help fund the poor for a variety of causes. If people want to earn an education but have no means of affording one, his foundation can help. If people are in desperate need of medical assistance or legal services, his foundation is there as well for them.

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