Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

If you are running a business, or if you’re an organization manager, you’ll find that having a good image is one of the most important factors for success. You’ll want to know what people are posting about you online, and how you can handle any negative information about you that is published online.

Online reputation management has been gaining increased popularity nowadays. The reason is because many people are becoming Internet savvy and they go online to research companies, products and services before making a purchase. Social media sites and other discussion channels make it easy for people to share information and reviews with others, making it a requirement for companies and professionals to have a reliable online reputation management system in place.

Any business or professional who fails to take control of their online reputation will definitely face negative consequences. If you are serious about attaining success, it is imperative that you take proactive steps to ensure a great image about your company or organization.

Reputation management teams are available and can help you repair damaged image, or build an impressive reputation. Having a great online reputation will certainly attract potential customers and clients and help you reach your goals faster than you ever though possible.

So, one of the first steps to success these days is to build your reputation and keep track of what people are saying about your business, and the quality of service you provide.

If you think reputation management is a task or project that you can handle without expert assistance, you’re making a great mistake. You will need to enlist the services of a reliable reputation management team – professionals who have great expertise and the right tools to get the job done.

Once you have a great team of reputation management professionals on your side, they will start implementing proven strategies for your online reputation management success. Suppressing or removing the negative reviews and derogatory remarks with positive reviews and favorable content in an appropriate manner is what reliable reputation management experts can do for you.

Tony Petrello’s Illustrious Career In The Corporate World

Tony Petrello is no stranger to the corporate world. Having been in Nabors since 1991, Tony is currently the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries Ltd. The S&P500 company deals in both land-based and offshore drilling rig supply as well as drilling operations and services.

Nabors has services spanning the Americas, Middle East, Africa and the Far East employing around twenty-seven thousand people. His role as the CEO involves initiating strategic plans for the company’s to prosper financially. He is also responsible for guiding the company adapt to the dynamic competitive business environment.

Tony Petrello also holds other positions apart from the one at Nabors Industries. However, it is the role that he has played in Nabors success that has brought him to prominence.

Being the boss of such a highly successful company, it is common to be in the public spotlight. Tony has found himself in this situation for all the obvious reasons that come with this ‘oligarch status, and in 2013, he was named the highest paid boss in the United States.

The 61-year-old holds a B.S and M.S degrees in Mathematics from Yale. He also has a law degree from Harvard. Coming from a working-class family in Newark, Tony had to rely on the public school scholarship program. His significant contribution to Nabors Industries prosperity and his ensuing rise to the top of the corporate world demonstrates both high levels of ambition combined with hard work and brilliance.

Tony is married to Cynthia Caffara who is a soap-opera actress and producer. Together, they are active in philanthropy. This is after their prematurely born daughter developed cerebral palsy and they contribute generously to the neurological research center at Texas Children’s Hospital.

This demonstrates Tony’s dedication to his family and also his human side as he is touched by the plight of the society around him. It is, therefore, evident that this alongside his steady rise to the enviable position as one of the corporate world’s most influential bosses he is a real success. Definitely, Tony Petrello is a motivational figure many young people can look up to.

Securus Technologies Wants To Prove To Global Tel Link Only The Strong Survive

Securus Technologies went through a recent battle with Global Tel Link. Many representatives from Global Tel Link made false accusations against Securus, and they did their best to discredit all their products. Securus responded with all of the benefits their products offer to all inmates. Securus did not say anything bad about Global Tel Link. Instead, they used this opportunity to promote their company and their products.


After losing an argument battle, Global Tel Link did not stop with their verbal attacks on Securus. It is evident that Securus products are more wanted than Global Tel Link products. Securus believes that’s why the verbal attacks continued. However, Securus Technologies was finally pushed to the edge. They have challenged Global Tel Link to a technology competition. Securus is so serious about this that they are willing to pay all costs associated with the competition.


The judges in the competition are the best individuals in the field on technology. Additionally, these judges have nothing to do with Securus Technologies or Global Tel Link. This competition will last a few weeks. All products from both companies will be put through technological fire. If there are any issues, these judges will find them.


Securus Technologies hopes that all the verbal attacks will stop after this competition. They also hop that Global Tel Link will start studying ways to make their products better rather than keeping their eyes on Securus’ products.


Securus is also putting together a nation-wide form for all inmates. This form will have questions on it regarding products from Securus Technologies and products from Global Tel Link. Inmates will be able to have their own voice regarding which products they believe are better for their communication with the outside world. Already, Securus is winning this questionnaire war, and they hope to keep it that way.