How Does Steve Ritchie Ensure That Discrimination Is Reduced in Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is the largest pizza delivery company in the world. For more than 16 years the company has been rated as the leading when it comes to customer satisfaction. Steve Ritchie is the CEO of the company, and most recently he reported that the company is focusing on implementing new diversity initiatives. This is a simple message to the customers of the company that they will soon receive better and unbiased services from the company.

The company has received many comments from customers expressing their disappointments concerning the organization. This made Steve Ritchie and his team pen an open letter to the franchisees, customer, and employees outlining the company’s efforts in ensuring that the problem which has affected their sales. Not so long the leadership team of the company concluded “unconscious bias training.”

Papa John’s is currently forming a special advisory team that will comprise nationally respected equity, inclusion, and diversity experts to help guide the organization in building a diverse environment for all its customers. Steve Ritchie is also planning to add more diversity to the management and leadership team.

Consequently, Papa John’s is forming a new foundation that will focus on helping organizations that are focused on eradicating discriminations that have kept them apart. The foundation will also be used to celebrate those that unite them. The initiative will help in creating a franchise that treats all people equally. The primary goal of the company is to improve customer experience and facilitate brand marketing.

People are the hearts of the company, and the initiative is one of the many actions the company is taking to prioritize their team and address the challenges affecting the organization and their sales. Papa John’s also plans to make certain reductions such as foodservice pricing, online fees, and royalties. The company will also use their funds to support re-imaging and new marketing initiatives that are consistent with the new direction of the organization.

With diversity initiative of Papa John’s will change the perception of customers concerning the company and it will attract many more customers to the organization, thus helping them to maintain their position in the market.

Jason Hope Has His Sights On Biotech, The Internet, And Philanthropy

Jason Hope is first and foremost an entrepreneur that has made a good living through smart investments and company startups. Since the beginning, Jason Hope has always focused on technology, especially biotechnology. Jason wants to see the future hold more possibilities and good things for the generations to come.

Philanthropy is one of the major focuses of Jason’s career these days and he has been making major contributions to medical research and technological advancement, along with charitable donations to dozens of nonprofit organizations. Jason graduated from Arizona State University and has gone on to show his talents in marketing, investing, business, writing, advertising, and more.

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Currently, Jason Hope is living in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he spends time researching the biotech industry and working as a consultant for a variety of different organizations. He has helped dozens of individuals and companies through his expertise and professional advice over the years. Primarily, Jason is focused on all things technology, internet, biotech, education, and sometimes even politics when it involves technology. There are many different implications and applications for technology and Jason is always looking for new ways to make them possible, whether it is his own idea or donating to an organization that has the idea themselves.

Over the course of his career, Jason has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthwhile causes and to fund research into technology and anti-aging. Jason is currently the largest donator to the SENS Research Foundation, with a pledge of 500 thousand dollars that he gave back in 2010. Along with the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope has contributed to many other charitable organizations that are doing great things around the world. These organizations include the TGen Foundation, Teach For America, International Foundation For Education, True Colors Fund, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International, The Boys and Girls Club, The Andre Agassi Foundation, and many others.

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The Basic Facts Surrounding Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks debuted on the financial stage last year to somewhat mixed reviews. The great investment opportunity, championed by Matt Badiali, seemed too good to be true for most investors. Although Badiali was a trusted investment source, his advertisements were a bit too ambiguous. No one really knew what a freedom check was. Now, a full year later, Freedom Checks have been completely vetted. Here are the main freedom checks facts.

They are an Actual Investment

Freedom Checks are investments in companies known as Master Limited Partnerships. MLPs are not new investment sphere and have been around for decades. MLPs are best business ventures that operate as publicly traded companies while remaining wholly private. They do this using a limited partnership. MLPs sell limited partnership stakes to investors. The stakes afford investors a percentage of the company in exchange for working capital. They function as a stock with one difference; MLP stakes carry no controlling interest. Controlling interest is given to general partnerships. These partnerships are retained by the company allowing it to function as a privately-held entity.

They Revolve Around Natural Resources

Matt Badiali is an expert in the field of natural resource investment. Over 200 U.S. natural resource companies identify as MLPs. They choose this best business ventures to take advantage of a tax break afforded by the U.S. Government. The tax break is designed as an incentive to bolster U.S. energy independence. In order to qualify, MLPs must dispense with around 90% of their revenue. The dispensation occurs in the form of payments made to their stakeholders.

What A Freedom Check Actually Is?

About freedom check is essentially a return of capital payment. It does not function as a typical refund, however, as the return amount is a percentage of the company’s earnings. General investment rules apply here. Investors can purchase multiple stakes. Stakes are very affordable with some costing as low as $10 dollars a share. Natural resources are a good market to invest in as there is always a demand. Returns will reflect the success of the company, as well as the number of stakes held by the investor.

Top Facts You Should Know about Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a professional financial operations manager who has skilfully controlled resources in many educational and private sectors. Seawright is the owner of Real Property Solutions Company that offers a wide range of services such as development, acquisition, and sale of assets. His core role as a manager is to ensure that every employee in the company has performed his duty efficiently. Besides, he ensures the daily activities have been conducted according to the company’s objectives. Find out more about Kevin at Live Newspaper

Kevin Seawright’s insight is to ensure that there is a tight formation of wealth and healthy societies in Baltimore. Moreover, he wants to ensure that his firm provides the residents with affordable housing facilities and bring firmness within Baltimore’s neighborhood. With lots of ascertainment, he has worked in the financial industry, and his career has been promising. The vast experience he possesses has enabled him to prosper in various leadership situations. His activeness in social media and popularity on twitter platforms has made many individuals go after him to access the knowledge that he shares on the media platforms. Besides, his profession has grown both in the public and private sectors since he was an employee of the government.

Seawright acquired immense knowledge while working under various government and private sectors. Some of the institutions he worked under include construction companies, which propelled him to venture in real estate. He has worked with a passion for changing small firms to big organizations and small cities to urban centers.

Through his outstanding services and talent, Newark CEDC-an organization that aims in ensuring the development of small firms and assisting them to realize their goals hired Kevin Seawright to maximize his full potential. Under him, the company was able to achieve a lot of development in the communication network, developed human resources and helped small industries achieve their missions. Read:

Victoria Doramus Has Overcome Great Obstacles

Victoria has extensive experience in marketing as well as digital media, which is the primary focus of her career. Victoria Dormaus studied at the University of Colorado to earn two different degrees, the first in Mass Communication and the other in Journalism. Victoria has been passionate about her field since she was young and has worked with many different media outlets over the years, including Trendera, Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, and Creative Arts Agency.

Victoria has always strived to help others in any way that she can, through the community and through charitable donations. Today, as per, Victoria is active with a variety of charities, such as Best Friends Animal Society, Room, to Read, Amy Winehouse Foundation, and many more. One of Victoria’s major goals is to make a big impact on the world through her philanthropic efforts.

There is no easy way to succeed at business, but there are certain steps that people can take or principles to follow that make the journey a little bit more simple. Victoria offered up some of her business expertise during her latest interview, stating that much of her success came from learning from her own failures. For a long time, Victoria held herself back because she didn’t hold herself accountable for her own failures and instead blamed outside factors or other people. Once she started making adjustments to her strategies for succeeding, she found success and has made a good living working with some major corporations around the country.

Keeping a structured day helps to achieve goals and Victoria even uses handwritten lists to follow on a daily basis to finish everything she needs to throughout the day. Victoria has taken on a lot of philanthropy work over the years and her lists help her keep track of everything. Although she is in the digital media industry, she prefers using hand-written lists to keep track of everything.

José Auriemo Neto: The President of JHSF Has a Lot of Capability

JHSF is a real estate company based in Sao Paulo. It also has branches in Manua as well as Salvador. This business group targets at some specific areas such as Punta Del Este based in Uruguay, Miami, and New York in the USA. JHSF is among the famous real estate industry in Brazil. This company is capable of managing all aspects at every level apart from having reputable and credible real estate virtues. JHSF manages living spaces, homes, hotels near shopping malls and luxurious restaurants located close to the airports. Jose Auriemo Neto is the Chief executive Officer as well as the President of JHSF.

JHSF has experience in four major areas which incorporates the Fasano Hotel, shopping mall, VIP airport as well as other highly recognized spaces. This company is highly known for its various strategy that enables it to generate huge profits. Some of these strategies include making good use of the latest and unused business opportunities. JHSF offer unique and different operational methods. They also ensure that their solution the best and sustainable for their clients and their businesses. This company always ensures that their clients are ever updated and aims at all aspects as the real company faces various challenges due to the global market forces and variations. JHSF is always updated and provides excellent packages appealing greater masses.

This company has been consistently successful since it was established. This is the main reason as to why it is trusted in the real estate industry and has stood a chance to sign with various partnerships in international as well as national fashion brands. Some of these brands are highly recognized, for instance, Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Gucci and many others. JHSF is consistently growing every day. It has also opened a Red Valentino brand in Brazil recently. This company worked privately and had begun a new company by the name IPO in 2007 which was a great success as well. Jose Auriemo Neto has created himself a big name in the Brazilian real estate business. He has made a consistent positive reputation. JHSF is likely to make develop and grow even more with time.

ClassDojo is a Valuable Classroom Tool

Since ClassDojo started, it’s given more teachers a chance to do different things in the classroom. The app allows teachers to communicate with parents regarding different classroom things and other options that might help them make things better for students. When parents and teachers have an open line of communication, they might be able to create a better experience for all the students. The idea of ClassDojo is to make things better for students. It allows more people the chance to learn about their child’s day while also making things easier for them to talk with teachers about everything going on. The app gives more people a chance to talk about kids and make the classroom experience so much better.

Even though the app is designed for the classroom and communication, students can still use the app to make sure they’re getting what they can from the classroom. The app makes a point of creating a space just for kids. Students can create an avatar that looks like them while also giving them a chance to learn about what’s going on in the classroom and what they can do in the future. No matter how hard things are in the classroom, kids can learn about what they’re going to experience in the future.

There are things parents wouldn’t normally get a chance to see, but the app makes it a possibility. It allows them to see into their kids’ days and learn about what they do day-to-day. It also allows them to connect with teachers in a messaging app that’s a new level of communication for parents and teachers.

The app is set to become one of the biggest and most widely used apps available. It provides so many benefits and serves people from so many different levels of communication. Since ClassDojo is a way for more teachers and students to connect with parents, it creates a positive experience everyone has a chance to make better. Because of this, more people get a chance to try things that might make the app the best it can be without any other issues.

Dick Devos: Businessman and Philanthropist

In the early 1990s, Grand Rapids was struggling to gain any prominence as a city and business center. It was the hometown of the Devos family, but it hadn’t been able to cultivate its own business district in downtown for many years. At this time, there were several business leaders who wanted to see instant growth.


At the time, Dick Devos was coming off a stint as the Vice President of International Sales at Amway. He had led the company to record-breaking sales during his time. Now he wanted to turn his attention to his hometown and help businesses grow. He first saw plans for a diverse sports arena and convention space in the north area of Grand Rapids. This was not close to downtown and caused concern for Devos. After all, he had seen what had happened to Detroit with the Pontiac Silverdome and teams leaving the city.


So, he looked at his circle of aviation colleagues and began working for a new idea. He was concerned that the new construction would be completely forgotten if not located in the right area of downtown. He said that he had a learned a great lesson from Detroit and didn’t want to repeat the scenario. The campaign led to the formation of Grand Action, which was a group of influential city leaders and businessmen. These were the main leads behind the changes made to Grand Rapids throughout the 1990s.


New buildings were constructed included the Van Andel Arena, medical school, the Devos Place Convention Center, and a new area called City Market. However, it was the Devos Performance Hall that drew a lot of attention. This construction had a profound impact on Grand Rapids. Finally, it felt like a bigger city and had the kinds of entertainment that it needed to become a place where people traveled to for business or pleasure.


Devos saw that he had more work to do. However, he also started as the CEO of Amway in 1993. It was during this time that he would work to create new opportunities in a variety of areas around Michigan with his wife as well. They would become a political power couple, working within Michigan to affect education reform.


However, Dick Devos also saw another opportunity for his hometown. He wanted to work with the airport to bring in new business travelers who would use the convention center as a place for international conferences, just like in other areas of the US including Orlando and Vegas. The plan depended on the airport being able to expand, however.


Devos made the first phone call to AirTran Airways in the 2000s. He told the CEO of his ideas to increase the traffic at the airport and that he wanted to open up new terminals to different destinations. Soon, AirTran Airways added destination flights for St. Louis, Vegas, Denver, and Orlando.


After a few years, AirTran Airways was bought out by Southwest, which led to some questions. Was Southwest going to close down the new terminals? The company had been down-sizing since it took over, but Devos called the CEO of Southwest to negotiate and keep all of the terminals open. He was able to convince the CEO that this was the best plan of action, and within a decade, the airport had done so well that it needed to expand once more.


For these reasons, Devos was appointed to the FAA’s Management Advisory Council in September 2017. His keen business acumen in the aviation world would prove invaluable to the FAA as they began to change budgets, policies, and regulations. The council meets once every quarter to discuss their ideas with the agency.


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Hussain Sajwani Became The DAMAC Owner After A String Of Other Successful Business Ventures

DAMAC Owner and Founder Hussain Sajwani leads one of the world’s most vibrant luxury real estate development firms. During his time as the DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties have developed some of the most recognizable constructions in the Middle East as well as collaborating with individuals such as President Donald Trump and Tiger Woods on a fabulous golf club. DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is now expanding DAMAC Properties across the globe with operations in places such as the United Kingdom and China. He has recently placed a large emphasis on Asian expansion as this is one of the world’s most critical financial markets.

DAMAC Properties is quickly becoming a global business, but DAMAC Owner and Founder Hussain Sajwani was not new to the business world when he founded the real estate development outfit. Hussain had an entrepreneurial career that really goes all the way back to childhood and his time spent learning the business world from the instruction given by his father. Hussain Sajwani translated the lessons learned in his youth into a successful career in business and investment. One of his first big successes was his catering business that he first opened up during the early 1980s. This business paved the way for later projects from the DAMAC Owner.

Hussain Sajwani was later able to move into other industries as well as gaining a large amount of success in the investment game. With these gains in place, he was able to become the DAMAC Owner in 2002 with the founding of DAMAC Properties. Since then, Hussain has led his team of real estate development professionals to huge amounts of success. Innovation of design has been a hallmark of the company since its founding and Hussain Sajwani plans for this trend to continue. The company now stands in a great position for future growth.

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Ryan Seacrest Knows What He Has To Do

If Ryan Seacrest as a child could see himself, right now, he’d probably pat himself on the back. This is because he has risen up through the years from a nameless, faceless, chunky monkey to a famous, wealthy, hot guy with a successful career that most would give their right and left nuts for. Ryan Seacrest hasn’t just made a name for himself in a specific scene, organization or locale—he has made a name for himself, nationally. It is amazing how far someone could go.

As a child, he suffered from weight problems. Much of his suffering came from people talking trash to him about his weight, as well as the fact that, personally, he did not like to be overweight. TV host Ryan Seacrest was not the kind of person to just throw in the towel and accept his weight problems. According to, Ryan fixed his problems by pursuing a specific lifestyle that would ensure a physical state of healthiness and thinness. There are some celebrities who let their bodies become tubs of lard, and they make the excuse that it is okay and that they are happy like that. However, Ryan Seacrest knew that there was no reason to let his body get that way. He still believes that, which is why he has a rigorous routine which involves diet and exercise.

America is full of people who have weight problems. Many of these people have horrible health issues that have been caused or exacerbated by weight problems, yet they cry, and they cannot understand why they have their problems. A lot of people do not learn from their problems, and many more do not learn from the problems of their friends and loved ones. Ryan Seacrest, fashion line owner, being the intelligent guy who he is, has learned from his woes as an overweight child. He cannot get enough of diet and exercise because he knows that he needs to do these things in order to remain in good shape. Also, as a host, he has to keep up himself so that he can give the best appearance to people who watch him.